So your looking for some entertainment for an event anywhere in the UK. TER Group are industry leaders when it comes to entertainment and booking events and entertainment. We can supply every type of entertainment for any event nationwide and abroad. We offer the very best booking agency for any entertainment booking you could think of.

Entertainment Bookings

There are a few things we need to know when helping you to make the right decision for your event and we will give you a check list of things to ask yourself when you make your initial enquiry.

The reason you would want to use an agency like ours is to utilise our 18 years experience running thousands of sucsessful events worldwide, to have the piece of mind of knowing all legal and contractual obligations are made correctly, that the permits and licensing that is required for the performace are taken care of & that any production or equipment used is the best available and adhering to legal UK standards and  health and safety laws of Great Britian.

TER Group makes event organising easy and stress free as we do all the hard work for you before making a wrong decision. We start by finding out the information about your event, then we help you select the right entertainment by fact finding and discussing the elements and running orders and timings, discussing budgets and then suggesting things that will be ideal for your event.

We then source the right acts and send you the sound files or video links and then when you have decided on a plan forward we then contact the artistes and confirm the arrangements and seek availability with the chosen acts.

Types of Entertainment for events

TER Group supplys every entertainer you can think of, we hold one of the uks largest database and rosters of acts from all over the world. What event are you organising? We have a huge selection of famous and infamous acts from local talent to nationally respected acts.

Book any of the following acts with us:

Live bands

Tribute acts & tribute bands

Solos & Duos

Magical and illusions

Children’s Entertainers

Djs and Discos, mobile nightclubs

Compères and Mcs

After dinner speakers

Peripheral Entertainers – Stilt walkers, skills entertainers

Dancers and dance troups

Promotional entertainers

Costume Characters and Mascots

Radio and Tv entertainers


If you don’t see on our site something you need please don’t hesitate to contact us, We have never had a client yet that has asked us for something we cant do, so please call us with your requirements. we are constantly updating the website and new content is up daily so keep checking back.

Why work with an agency to book entertainment?

Well the answer is straight forward and simple Quality & Piece of Mind!  We are a professioanl experienced agency that is run by musicians and a management team that has run large high profile events worldwide for the last 18 years. We take away the risk element that you would certainly have if you booked entertainment yourself.

Everybody and anybody now with the internet can source a band, DJ or any type of act or entertainment, mostly sadly with poor judgement wish they would have let a professional dela with it.

We as an agency must receive more than 100 acts a week asking for us to represent them and to join the agency books, truth is only about 10% actually manage to do that. The reason being is  that the acts are simply just not good enough or not to the level or standard that our clients are accustomed too. We only hire polished acts that have Performance engraved in the act.

Piece of Mind

Unfortunately with the internet when you look at other agencies, you cant see the calibre of the act with poorly recorded video clips, cheap looking websites, no contactable office , no out of hours emergency numbers, no legal business premises, No registered company number.

Inevitably when things go wrong they cant find the person who has booked it all. They don’t have the contact number for the artist, don’t have the itenary of the event and don’t have a clue what to do next. The artist turns up late or a different act to what you thought you were getting or doesnt event turn up atall and your left using the yellow pages to find an act last minute.

For those reasons make sure you book with a reputable agency that issues you with contracts of engagement, a telephone consultation or even a visit from a representative when required. Clear precise instructions for the artiste and the venue and you the client.

Everyone knows where they stand and what is expected of them. We on the day of the event check with every party that all is prepared and ready for that evenings or days performance. we have a dedicated events team that do all the hard work and chasing for you, its part of our service not an added extra. Sadly with some agencies this is not the case, once you have paid the booking fee thats the last you hear from them and the service they offer is simply not up to standard.

We offer fast solutions to your enquiry, with all the hard work being done , we have confidence all of our acts can do the job in hand, that is done but understanding your requirements from the outset.

We only have high calibre acts and entertainers, we only offer quality acts. If your looking for top entertainers and musicians its crucial that you book from an agency that has a reputation for delivering every time, so picking TER Group is the best decision you have made so far today.

TER Group Entertainment agency

The piece of Mind comes in that TER Group  has arranged over 12,000 events without issues and that is achieved by prior planning, preparation, preventing a poor performance. TER Group does not do failure.

When you place a booking with an agency like ours you receive the below as standard :

  • Written up to date legally binding contract
  • Insurance and electrical safety compliance issues certificated
  • Venue regulation for the act
  • Permits for the act to perform when required
  • Back up service in event of emergency 24 hours (details given when booking is placed)
  • Contact with the artiste before the event
  • Feedback and Testimonials from previous clients when required
  • A dedicated event organiser in the office
  • Emergency act – In the event of any emergency we will supply a similar act at late notice so that your not left without any entertainment at no extra cost.

We have UK largest database of acts and entertainers, so we can offer the very best with phone call and a double click, saving you time and resource not having to trawl through the internet yourself, saving you time and energy to concentrate on the more important aspects of the event like the guests and the food and drink and enjoying the event yourself.


By using TER Group as your chosen agency, you are agreeing to use a reputable agency to book your acts and entertainment, you are 100% secure and will have piece of mind that should any issues occur that they will be resolved quickly and without stress.


For a FREE consultation about your entertainment requirements please call one of team on 02476 10888