Artist Management

Artist Management made easy !

Are you looking for a professional artist management company that can sell your act across the globe? Someone that understands what your looking to achieve and knows the act inside out that way making it easier to sell. How many times have you heard of acts being signed to agencys that dont even know who you are when you call?

TER Group is a proffesional industry network that supplies acts to venues all over the uk and around the world, we only sign acts we believe in and have watched perform, our rosters have the very best entertainers on, they all have something in common the love of the industry and the life that it brings.

TER Group is Run by industry leaders and musicians that have a keen eye for detail, performance and experience of 18 years in the business. Its all about the performance !

How many artists are just good singers but dont have any presecence on stage, we work with our artists closely to make sure they work to be the very best they can be and become highly motivated performers and acts, we open the doors they couldnt open themselves once the acts are polished and ready for marketing.

We are always looking for new talent for all types of acts, from tribute artists to magical acts and shows to bands that need a helping hand. We at TER Group have the team to exploit all angles and get you noticed by the right people and seen at the right venues, TER Group supplies to many key venues and booking agents and our opinion is always valued when we have something hot we want the world to know about it.

How many bands have you seen that have a special talent but spend their lives doing free gigs to get noticed without anyone ever paying attention to what they are trying to achieve,? TER Group spot talent locally and nationally, we always have our eyes open, we see raw talent and turn it into performance acts that are polished and ready to make money.

Have you Got what it takes?

If you think you have what it takes to become a TER Group Act or artiste, please get in touch by using our Contact us Page. Please email all demos to We are actively recruiting tribute acts for hotel contracts we have, specifically acts for Halloween and Christmas and themed Acts.

Are you a band that is looking to top up your gigs, happy to travel and have a performance ready to go then get in touch.

TER Group sells many solo and duo acts all over the country to various venues for corporates, we also market talent acts and performers, so please no matter how weird or wonderful, get in touch we listen to all demos sent, please be aware that due to the high volume of demos sent we cant respond to everyone, but rest assured if we feel we can market you or have a talent, we will contact you.

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Email for more details