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Hiring A band Or live Music

So you are looking to hire a band for an event or function, well you couldn’t have found a better place. TER Group has over 5000 on its books for live bands of all types and styles across the Uk.

When choosing a band for an event its imperative to trust a professional, we are industry experts and have been working with live bands and function bands for over 18 years. we have a keen eye for detail and have an ear for music. All our acts have been signed to the agency after performing a gig for us, we look for image, musical talent and performance before we even consider a band to join our rosters.

Booking a band couldnt be easier, let us do the work for you and suggest suitable bands that are vailable for your event date and that suit the occasion and teh audience.

So many people just book  off the internet then get dissapointed when its not what they are expecting. We prepare sound files, videos when possible and a typical set list. that way you can gaurentee when we book a band for you its the right choice. all our bands are talented musicians that really know how to get the best out of the audience and keep you dancing all night.

The biggest type of Bands we hold are corporate  and party bands. We do supply cover bands too for other engagements and parties, so give us a budget and we will pick the right band for your event.

New on the website is a page called listen before you book where we have started to upload the band sound files to the website so you can hear for yourself and make your own choices, we are uploading new bands each day to that so keep checking back.



Types of band we provide and hire out

TER Group provides every type of band you could ever imagine, live music is so vast we are top of our game on all genres and styles of bands and live entertainers. To supply you with ideal live music for your event from our unrivalled portfolio we would do a small fact find on the event and then deliver the options available to your budget, the size of the room and extra requirements that may be needed. We supply live acts across all genres of music all over the United Kingdom. – from cover band playing well known and beloved hits to a full 21 piece orchestra playing classical selections.

What ever your style we have a live band to suit your event, the biggest selection of bands for hire in th Uk from Funk, soul, indie, jazz, pop, rock, classical or party bands – let us know the genre of music you want and we´ll find the live act for you.

Call 02476 108888 to discuss requirements or hit our contacts page

Live band and live music for hire – How do i book a  band?

We need to know the following information in order to help you with the booking

  • Date of the event
  • Times of the event
  • Load in time
  • Set time
  • Set length
  • Music genre
  • Type of event
  • Event venue address and postcode
  • Budget
  • How many people attending the event?
  • Any special requirements
  • Stage required ?
  • Power required?

Once we have this basic information, we can then start to do a search on the bands we represent and see whos available that suits all the criteria. once we have the acts that can do it, will we send over information for you to look and choose a live band or artiste. So you see how easy it is to book a band with TER Group.


Live band and Live music genres

TER Group represents the very best bands in the country, we supply  daily to high profile events and celebrity clients and to corporate clients all over the country, we have to be on top of our game and the acts we have are no different, seasoned professionals and mostly session musicians.

There are many types and styles of acts we promote so let us know which one your looking to book and let us help you with the booking.

TER has the following live bands and live music options for all different occasions and events.

  • Jazz
  • Orchestral
  • Soul
  • Swing
  • Rock n roll
  • Mowtown
  • Rock
  • Tribute
  • Festival
  • Wedding
  • Party
  • Local
  • Covers
  • Music
  • Live music
  • Anthrax
  • Indie band
  • Red
  • Reggae
  • Irish
  • Scottish
  • 80s
  • 90s
  • 70s
  • 60s
  • Merseybeat
  • Lookalike
  • New bands
  • Up and coming
  • Marching
  • Ratpack
  • American
  • Rnb
As you can see we have a vast array of styles , so which one suits your event? Don’t hesitatte to call us on 02476 108888 for more information and one of our friendly team will help you.

Wedding band

So you are looking for a live band for your wedding in plain a simple terms a wedding band. Not really a lot different to a normal covers band really but you may well have more input in whats played with the wedding band and they are normally more likely to learn a few songs to cater for your first dance or any special requests you may have.

We have 300 wedding actsthat represent us over the country and we believe we have the very best wedding bands available. The look and feel of the bands is crucial and we will help you select the right wedding band for you wedding.

Give us a call  on 02476 108888 and let us do the hard work in finding acts that suit the most memorable day of your life. TER Group last year supplied to over 1800 weddings all over the UK and wedding acts and entertainment is something we are experts at. Just ask the brides and grooms and civil partnership clients what they think of the service we provide. Testimonials available on request.