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Resident nightclubs djs

Are you looking for a great resident dj, well look no further. We currently have signed to agency 300 club and night club djs that are available to work in nightclubs all over the UK. We have every type of dj from dance djs to rnb and party jocks. Our director Paul Dunne has been a resident dj at the world famous BCM planet dance and he certainly knows how to be at the top of his game. Paul personally vets all the djs that represent Ter Group worldwide.

We have regular nightclubs that use our DJ service,having  piece of mind knowing that in the event of an emergency or illness they are still going to get a dj at the venue without any issues.

Our resident djs are vocal, great microphone technique and music programming is the very best. we have a vast selection of club djs,radio presenter djs and all ranges of disc-jockeys.

Guest Nightclub Djs

Through experience we know that resident DJs after a while may become stale, its really good when this happens to let the DJ take a holiday or a break and to use a guest DJ to cover for a few weeks. this then charges the battery’s up of the resident DJ and gives your clients a break of the normal routine and fires up the club.

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It may be that you want to book a celebrity DJ to spice things up and to show your competitors you mean business, we have a whole roster of DJs that can suit any event.

A guest DJ is a great way of covering holidays for a period of weeks and also between change. This keeps all parties involved happy and also acts as gentle reminder to the resident DJ that things could change if they get lazy in the performance.

Emergency djs

Do you need a DJ for just one night as cover, we can do it, we supply djs for night clubs partyies of any kind. we can cover at last minute too just pick up the phone 02476 108888. We have a team of djs ready and waiting for your call anywhere in the uk. Book a dj for any nightclubs or venue, you never know the cover dj may become your new resident.

Festival Djs

UK festivals are taking over with over 55 festivals of grand stature now taking place over the year. We have been supplying DJs to many festivals over the UK including dance DJs, Rnb DJs and personality DJs for different stages and arenas. see our roster of DJs that we can supply from famous to infamous we can supply the right DJ for your festival.


Nightclub entertainers

TER Group have a vast array of nightclub entertainers for the nightclub industry. you need to get your club noticed on the street as well as also entertaining your clients when they are in the venue. Give us a call for ideas on how we can make you achieve that from the weird and wonderful, to the damn right eye catching and memorable we have it all.



Nightclubs peripheral entertainers

A great way of advertising and promoting your business is to use peripheral entertainers. we have 8 ft gorillas, lasermen, robots, human statutes, angle grinding dancers, animals in cages, stilts of any costume, season costumes, and much more. lets us know what your idea is and let us create it. we work with professional costume makers so if we dont have it, i know we can create it for you.

Make any special event like Christmas, Halloween, new year or just a normal nightclub event go off with a bang by using eye catching peripheral entertainers whom get you noticed inside and out and are completely memorable, great photo opportunity’s.

Circus and speciality acts for hire in uk

Circus performers for hire in the uk

Stilt performers for hire for nightclubs across the uk







Why not check out the links to some of the clubs that we have provided for across the globe

BCM planet dance Mallorca

Cream Classics

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