Sound System Hire

TER provides professional audio services including PA hire, pro-audio sales and audio installation. Our vast experience in the sound industry means we can advise you on the most appropriate solution for your specific requirements – whether it´s for a corporate product launch, a theatre production or an outdoor event.

We stock a range of quality audio equipment to meet all requirements and we supply a fully-engineered system to suit each environment as required. Our sound systems leave a minimal footprint, making them suitable for a variety of situations where space may be an issue. An example of what we can provide is the Logic System Ethos VA Line Array – the latest technology in sound reinforcement that enables precise focussing of sound.

We can supply various monitor systems with the full, clean sound needed for today´s discerning musicians. All of our monitors are bi-amped – this is for on-stage fold back for the bands, performers or artists. Our monitors have a small footprint giving a good line of sight to the audience. We use MB3 monitors powered by our Macro-tech amp racks. With each system we supply a minimum of a six-way monitor mix as standard with 31 Band EQ on all sends. We can also supply up to 8 mixes with an on-stage monitor desk, plus stereo side fills.

Microphones and di-boxes

We use a variety of professional vocal and instrument microphones, and also professional DI boxes, which are used on all performances.

Sound engineers

TER Audio Visual provides sound technicians that have experience in all types of sound reinforcement and can operate systems of any size.

A high standard of engineering excellence is maintained, giving our sound hire services a reputation for reliability and quality. This reflects in the standard of the final production. We supply engineers for local, national, and international events.